Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Borgese o Burgisi and Borgia Family Crests

Borgia o Boreas
Noble and ancient Family.
Weapon: truncated: the 1st blue ox gold, passing, topped by a
star of six rays, two kites, all the same, in the 2nd
blue, three gold bands. Borgia, Borgese, Burgisi

Borgese o Burgisi
Coat of Arms from Southern taly.
Borgese o Burgisi.
Nella Mastra Nobile del Mollica (lista XVIII, anno 1604) vediamo annotato un messer Antonio Burgisi.
Arma: d’argento, al leone di nero.


  1. The Borgese and the Borgia family , are they the same family, did the name change over time and with the younger generation.I have been trying to find the connection with both families.

  2. The Borgia/Borja come from Spain, and the Borghese Family just "appeared" in Siena in 1200's.... It is written that the Borghese of Siena were originally Wool Merchants and traders that suddenly became wealthy Bankers and eventually moved to Rome where they became Cardinals and Pope - Paul V. Not sure of the connection, except for the "Borg" part of the name. Borghese comes from "Bourgeoise".... originally from France, Germany ? Would take some Borghese/Borgia DNA to find out. No one from either family would be willing to give samples I gather ?

  3. Italian: habitational name from Borgia, a place in Catanzaro province, or from Borja in Spain (see Borja).

  4. Jewish ? I see both names listed here.
    Who is Guy Stair Sainty ???